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Trademarks Set Your Brand Apart

Why should you trademark your brand? A trademark identifies the "source" of goods, products, or services from those of another company. Think about ride share services. The two major companies are Uber and Lyft. Each company is trademarked and has distinct logos, slogans, and taglines for their brands. Due to branding, there are customers who only choose Lyft and there are customers who only choose Uber for ride share services.

A trademark, and the story behind it, is the only thing that sets your business' brand apart from the others. Branding is crucial to the success and survival of your business because target audiences choose businesses based on storytelling. Storytelling is the art of fusing your brand's past, present, and future into a relatable story, to connect with target customers.

In the Cannabis industry, branding is everything. Essentially, everyone is selling the same good, service, or product-a Cannabis related product/service. Multi-State operators have deep pockets to pay for branding departments. In order to drive traffic and attention to your target audience in the Cannabis industry, you must catch their attention through storytelling and branding. Every single Cannabis multi-state operator has trademarks, multiple trademarks. A trademark is the only way to set you brand apart.

If you would like to learn more about trademarks, their benefits, and how they can generate multiple streams of income for your business, click the button below.

Belle Terre Law Firm was founded by Chareese "Queen" Haile, Esq. Queen is a Cannabis and Trademark Attorney. Her office is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She provides trademark services throughout the entire state of Louisiana and its metropolitan areas (Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Shreveport). She also provides federal trademark services throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions. To learn more about Queen visit:

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