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Veil Your Brand with Belle Terre Law Firm

Dear Entrepreneur,

You come so far and worked so hard on your business and brand! Why take the chance of not trademarking? Without a trademark your brand is at risk of being stolen by cybersquatters, copy cats, and internet pirates!

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Federal Trademark Database Search (Pending and Registered Marks

Web Search

Social Media

Domain Names

Trademark Search Results Memo

Assistance with gathering the required documentation

Trademark Application

Correspondence with Trademark Office

Serving as Attorney of Record to help ensure a smooth processing of your application (8-12 months)

You can license your trademark(s) for additional streams of income. 

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As long as you are still using it, and filing the maintenance documents, TRADEMARKS LAST FOREVER. A generational wealth maker. 

  • Does an Expungement Erase My Record?
    No! An expungement does NOT erase your criminal record. An expungement SEALS your past criminal convictions or arrests from PUBLIC view, meaning public agencies (employers, landlords, etc.) do not have access to your past criminal record.
  • How long does it take for the expungement to be complete?
    The time it takes for an expungement to be complete (accepted by the courts), depends on the District Court that you are filing in. Expungements can take between 8-12 months. In some situations, it can take longer. When having an attorney file your expungement for you, you can rest assure that your attorney will keep up with the process of your expungements, and update you on any new information.
  • I am trying to apply for jobs, ASAP but I need an expungement! Can you expedite this for me?"
    The expungement process can not be expedited. It is an official court process, that must go through all of the checks and balances of the court system before it is approved. Remember, an expungement can take between 8-12 months before it is approved and your criminal record is sealed from public record. It is best to start the expungement process at least 8 months before seeking employment.
  • What is the cost of an Expungement?
    Securing a Louisiana Expungement is critical to putting your past behind you and moving forward with your life. The price of expungements can vary based on your arrest record, how many expungements you need, DWI charges, felony and misdemeanor charges. Belle Terre Law Firm offers flat fee pricing for Louisiana expungements. This means that the price our attorneys quote you, is the only price that you pay until the end of your case. Belle Terre Law Firm does not charge by the hour. Once you pay, you will never be sent another bill. Belle Terre Law Firm does require a consultation before quoting a price for a Louisiana expungement. Included in all Louisiana Expungement Flat Fee Legal Services are:

Belle Terre Law Firm was founded by Chareese "Queen" Haile, Esq. Queen is a Cannabis and Trademark Attorney. Trademark, Copyright, Cannabis, Hemp, and Intellectual Property attorney located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She provides trademark services throughout the entire state of Louisiana and its metropolitan areas (Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Shreveport). She also provides trademark, copyright, cannabis, hemp, and trademark infringement legal services throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions. To learn more about Queen visit:

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