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Tips for Building Your Hemp and Cannabis Business

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Committing to a brand name before a trademark search is the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make. In addition, many entrepreneurs falsely assume that they should form their LLC first when starting their business. The Secretary of State (where you form your LLC) is not connected to the United States Trademark office and offers zero federal trademark protection. Secretary of State offices do offer state trademarks, but state trademarks are virtually worthless for your brand (except for the Cannabis industry).

Many business owners start off wrong and discover that they have to rebrand. Some business/brand building tips, in order of priority, for a single member entrepreneur of a service-based business are:

  1. Trademark search for name

  2. LLC formation

  3. Trademark filing for name

  4. Client Services Agreement

  5. Copyright Assignment Agreement for logo

  6. Trademark search & filing for logo

  7. Website privacy policy + Terms & Conditions

A solid legal foundation in the beginning, provides you a peace of mind in the risky world of entrepreneurship.

Would you like a more in-depth list on building a solid legal foundation for your online cannabis and hemp business? If so, Belle Terre Law Firm would like to offer you a FREE Online Cannabis Business Checklist. This checklist contains over ten (10) pages of concrete information that you need to launch your online Cannabis and Hemp business.

Click the button below to download your Free Online Cannabis Business Checklist NOW!

Belle Terre Law Firm was founded by Chareese "Queen" Haile, Esq. Queen is a Cannabis and Trademark Attorney. Her office is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She provides trademark services throughout the entire state of Louisiana and its metropolitan areas (Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Shreveport). She also provides federal trademark services throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions. To learn more about Queen visit:

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