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The Case of the "Pattie Pie"

Brand Ambassadors, Online Influencers and Creatives, you are so powerful!

Do you remember the "Pattie Pie" sensation that swept the nation in November 2015? United States citizens went crazy swarming Wal-Marts to purchase the infamous sweet potato pie, now known as the "Pattie Pie". It was perfect, because it was right before Thanksgiving.

James Wright is the man behind the the "Pattie Pie" sensation. He became a viral sensation overnight with his taste test review of Pattie LaBelle's Sweet Potato pie brand in Wal-Mart. In case, you don't know who Pattie LaBelle is, she is a famous singer! She launched her pies in Wal-Mart in September 2015.

Mr. Wright wooed us all with his dazzling hat, singing of Pattie LaBelle's song, and telling us how delicious the "Pattie Pie" was. The internet ate it up, literally. Soon, Wal-Mart stores everywhere were swarmed with people wanting to taste the "Pattie Pie". Mr. Wright's online taste test review and free online marketing garnered Wal-Mart 11 million dollars and 2.5 million pies were sold within two days. Wal-Mart stores everywhere were sold out of the pie.

Despite Wal-Mart selling out of the pies, and making over 11 million dollars and selling out of the pies, the corporation never compensated Mr. Wright for his viral influence of the "Pattie Pie". According to news articles, Mr. Wright decided not to sue.

Dear Brand ambassadors and social media influencers, let this be a lesson to you. This is how powerful you and your platform is. Yes, you deserved to get paid for it as well. Protect your online brand reviews with contracts. If you are in need of a contract for your online and social media platform, contact Belle Terre Law Firm.

Click here to watch the famous Pattie Pie review.

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