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How to Avoid Trademark Infringement as an Amazon Seller

Updated: Feb 19

Before you open an Amazon storefront on the popular online marketplace, read this blog article.

Opening an Amazon Storefront

Opening Amazon storefronts are the new wave. There are many online courses promising that you can make five figureseven six figures, simply by opening an Amazon storefront. These courses are usually taught by "gurus". The entrepreneurship "guru" is usually flaunting expensive jewelry, clothes, vacations, and cars. Sure, there are many entrepreneurs who have successfully made a lot of money on Amazon, but there are many who did not.

Many online courses that claim to teach you how to make six figures with an Amazon Store Front, also include products and vendor's lists. These vendor's lists include the:

  • Lists of popular products that consumers will want to buy

  • Names of vendors (who are usually located outside of Louisiana).

  • Prices that vendors charge for buying products in bulk.

These "all inclusive" packages may seem like you have hit the gold mine, but beware!

Beware of Counterfeit Products

Beware of overseas counterfeiting rings! They are very sophisticated and often work with those "entrepreneurship gurus". Their sole mission is to flood the United States market with their counterfeit goods. They accomplish this mission by trademarking multiple brand names (a tell tale sign is a name that makes absolutely no sense) and creating their own Amazon Storefronts. By trademarking their names, they pretend to be legit. Then, they simply put their trademarked name on the product packaging of the counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, United States citizens looking to "get rich quick" with an Amazon storefront unknowingly purchase these counterfeit products for resell.

Intellectual Property Infringement

In order to sell products on Amazon, you must register with Amazon's Brand Registry. It is mandatory to have a registered or pending trademark for your brand. If you do not have a registered or pending trademark, you will not be able to register. If you somehow slip through the cracks, you run the risk of being sued for trademark, copyright, and/or patent infringement.

Obtaining a Trademark

The trademark process can seem overwhelming. Sure, there are many DIY and cheap trademark services out there. Those services providers do not provide you with the in-depth legal services you need to fully protect the intellectual property of your business and brand.

Belle Terre Law Firm can assist you with all of your trademark needs. Protect your brand from unnecessary trademark infringement lawsuits, by starting your Amazon Storefront the correct way.

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