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Entrepreneurship and Social Media Credit Repair Scams

Have you started out on your entrepreneurship, creative, and visionary journey, only to be denied much needed funding because of your credit history? Many entrepreneurs face this obstacle and turn to "credit repair agencies" to help quickly solve this issue. Have you provided sensitive identification information (social security number, etc) and paid a handsome lump sum to a "credit repair agency" that promised that your credit report will be wiped clean of negative marks and your credit score instantly increased, but received no results? Chances are you have been a victim of a credit repair scam. "Credit Repair" companies are not backed by the United States government, only certain credit counseling agencies are. Read to the end to find out how to veil (protect) your business and brand from credit repair company scams.

On November 4th, 2021, popular social media influencer Dana Chanel (Casey Olivera), founder of Curl Bible & A Sprinkle of Jesus was sued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General for misleading consumers and failure to provide goods and services as promised. Dana Chanel, the alias used by Defendant Casey Olivera, has a wide online following including over 790,000 Instagram users, her own personal website, and a strong presence on other social media platforms. Dana broadcasts to her social medial audience multiple inspirational messages per day emphasizing Christian values and breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty through entrepreneurship.

Dana Chanel is alleged to have operated under Credit Exterminators Inc., later rebranded as Earn Company, LLC, and mobile app development services through Alakazam Apps, LLC. Dana Chanel is alleged to have charged enormous amounts of fees for "VIP" and "DIY" credit repair initial set up fees and monthly subscription payments. One consumer filed a complaint that they were done out of over $2,000 USD and ultimately ended up with their wages garnished (sued) by the original creditor!

Customers who were promised mobile technology apps, never received their apps. Consumer paid $2,000 for initial set up and hefty monthly online hosting fees. The few who received apps, received apps of poor technology and quality. One consumer filed a complaint that they received a mobile app with information that was copy and pasted from someone else's blog! Consumers who were duped by Chanel sought legal assistance through Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Laws.

Unfortunately, scams are common for entrepreneurs to encounter throughout their journey to true generational wealth. Fortunately, knowing the signs of scams and traps will help veil your business, brand, finances, and freedom. Before seeking "credit repair" assistance, please properly vet the company. Legit credit counseling agencies are backed by the United States government and can be found here. If you believe that you have been scammed by an online business, please contact your state's Attorney General Consumer Protection department or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau here.

Keep your veil game strong always.

Queen, The Veiled Lawyer ™

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