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Website Privacy Policies in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

A Privacy Policy is required by law if you collect any information (i.e. names, email address, payment info, etc.) on your website. This is extremely important in the Cannabis industry, because online Cannabis businesses (especially adult use) are required to capture sensitive information such as dates of birth, state identification cards, driver's licenses, and home addresses. Many customers in the Cannabis industry are often on guard with giving up their personal information, due to potential criminal implications. Informing your client that their information will be safely protected and stored, is not only legally required, but good for building trust. In the Cannabis industry, your reputation is everything.

Terms and Conditions are recommended to accompany the privacy policy on your website. It is an agreement between your company and your website visitors, and sets the policies for using your website and working with your company. Terms and Conditions can also include: shipping/delivery policies and payment methods. It helps to protect your business from potential lawsuits by site visitors, sets disclaimers, puts site visitors on notice that they cannot copy your content, governing, law, etc.

To learn more about common contracts needed in the Cannabis industry, click the button below.

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