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Snoop Dogg and Master P Can No Longer Use "Snoop Loopz" due to Trademark Issues

Due to the lack of a comprehensive trademark search, Snoop Dogg and Master P, Hip Hop Moguls, have announced on Instagram that they can no longer use the name “Snoop Loopz” for their breakfast cereal. Also, they must immediately pull the products from shelves and online stores.

While the rap artists never specifically named the company that forced them to stop using “Snoop Loopz”, it’s safe to say that they have received a cease and desist letter for a confusingly similar trademark from: Kellogg’s, the makers of “Froot Loops'“ breakfast cereal. Kellogg’s is an international brand, with trademark ownership to “Froot Loopz”.

What went wrong here? It’s simple, there was no comprehensive trademark search conducted before this product was created and distributed. Even the generic brand of “Froot Loopz”, sold by Wal-Mart, is named “Fruit Spins”.

This was a very costly mistake, and one that usually puts a company out of business. Thankfully, Master P and Snoop Dogg can afford the six figures (maybe even seven figures) that it will take to rename and relaunch their brand. Now the rap moguls are searching for the new name, so that they can relaunch and rebrand the RIGHT WAY!

The cost of trademark searches are always an investment. If you fail to conduct a trademark search BEFORE forming your business and launching your brand, it is highly likely that you will receive a cease and desist letter. The average small business owner can not afford the high price that comes with rebranding and relaunching, thus they are put out of business.

To avoid the high cost of trademark infringement and rebranding fees, click the button below to learn more about the importance of a comprehensive trademark search.

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