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How to Communicate with Your Landlord

When communicating with your landlord, always get everything in writing. Why? A lease agreement is a contract. Under contract law, a judge can not admit into evidence any new contractual agreements that are not in writing.

Always be weary if your landlord only wants to communicate with you via phone. Landlords KNOW phone communications are not evidence and they will continue to give you false hopes and promises regarding changing your lease agreements.


  • Always communicate in writing.

  • If your landlord calls you, ask them to send the correspondence via email.

  • Communicate via certified return receipt or email.

  • If communicating via email, turn on the read receipt tracker.

  • Consult an attorney before communicating with your landlord.

If you are seeking to enter into a lease, or you are having current lease issues, schedule an appointment with Belle Terre Law Firm, L.L.C.

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