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Chareese Queen Haile Louisiana Cannabis Lawyer Marijuana Lawyer CBD Lawyer Delta 8 THC Law

Belle Terre is Louisiana French for "Beautiful Earth".

"When Justice is served, the Earth is Beautiful."

Chareese Queen Haile Louisiana Cannabis Lawyer Marijuana Lawyer CBD Lawyer Delta 8 THC Law

Landlord Rights

Belle Terre Law Firm helps Landlords protect their rental property with Louisiana commercial and residential leases.

We also help landlords and home owners evict squatters and tenants who do not pay their rent, or damage rental  property.

Ready to protect your rental property with a valid Louisiana lease, need help with a squatter, or do you need help evicting your tenant?  Book a consultation to get started.

More About Evictions in Louisiana

Need a Louisiana Eviction Lawyer? Protect your rights as a Landlord!

For Louisiana landlords, protecting your property against tenant starts with a solid commercial or residential lease.
To minimize the risks and liabilities as a landlord, it is always wise to have a Louisiana lawyer draft a commercial or residential lease for your rental property. Downloading a general lease template from the internet, can result in serious legal issues- including not being able to evict your tenant. 
Louisiana landlords and property owners MUST follow the law in order to correctly evict a squatter or tenant. Failure to follow Louisiana law can result in the squatter or tenant remaining in your rental property and you owing the tenant money.
As a virtual, cloud based law firm, we are able to provide lease and eviction services to landlords in all 64 parishes of Louisiana. We offer customized flat fee pricing to meet the legal needs of Louisiana landlords. 
We don't bill by the hour. We charge flat fees (you know up front what you are paying). We also don't charge you extra to call or email us. 

The truth about landlord rights and evictions in Louisiana!

Free leases and eviction forms from the internet sound really tempting. The truth about those free items is that many of them are not in accordance with Louisiana laws. Even if a Justice of the Peace, City Court Judge, or District Court Judge grants an eviction, a tenant still has the right to appeal the eviction. 


You can't use force or violence to remove a squatter. You must go through the eviction process in order to remove a squatter from your property. 

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