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The Veiled Series: Protecting Your Business and Brand

Level Up Your Business with Customized Contracts


Dear Entrepreneur,

You've finally properly formed your Limited Liability Company. Now, is NOT the time to stop. Keep the momentum going! In order for your business to be veiled (protected) properly, there are other checks and balances that you need for your business. Customized contracts will do just that for your business and brand!

Contracts Are Important Because They:

  1. Set expectations between all parties involved.

  2. Helps to eliminate misunderstandings, confusion, and reduces risks.

  3. Clearly outlines what the parties agreed to.

  4. Establishes how disputes will be handled.

  5. Helps to protect all that you are investing into your business.

  6. Clarifies that the liability is that of the BUSINESS and NOT personal to the owner.

Frequently Needed Contracts for New Entrepreneurs

  • Operating Agreements

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Client Services Agreements

  • Copyright Assignment Agreements

If you are in need of an expertly drafted contract, Contact Belle Terre Law Firm for all of your contract needs.

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