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Are You Sure You Own Your Logo? The Veiled Series

Hello there #entrepreneur, creative, and visionary! Did you know that you may not own your creative works? Under federal copyright law, whoever creates it, OWNS IT!

It's likely that you do not own the following:

  • Your logo

  • Photos/Videos taken by a photographer

  • Website designed by someone else

  • Any creative work that you paid someone else to create for you

If your designer did not sign a "Copyright Assignment Agreement", then you do not own what you paid for. Essentially, you only have a license. A license that can be revoked at any time.

When seeking the services of a graphic designer or creative, make sure to ask them for a "Copyright Assignment Agreement". A Copyright Assignment Agreement is a written agreement, signed by the creator of the copyrighted work, with the CLEAR intention to transfer ownership and the exclusive rights from the creator to a third party.

Next time you purchase creative works, make sure to ask for a Copyright Assignment Agreement BEFORE paying for their services. In need of a custom Copyright Assignment Agreement? Contact Belle Terre Law Firm!

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