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A Lease is a Contract

A lease is a legal agreement by which the owner of a building allows someone else to use it for a period of time in return for money. There are two types of leases: residential and commercial.

Signing a lease agreement is one of the most important contracts that you will ever sign in your life. A lease provides you with a home or a storefront for your business. It is not something to take lightly! Your landlord has the power to put you out of house or shut your business down.

One of the most common legal matters we see here at Belle Terre Law Firm is that people simply do not READ their leases before signing them. They are often eager to move in or set up shop, that they are literally signing their rights away!

If a landlord is pressuring you into signing a lease right on the spot or within a few days, that is a huge red flag. Under the law, you have the right to have your lease reviewed by an attorney. Reviewing your lease with an attorney, before signing it, saves you tons of money in the event that there is a dispute. There's a reason why landlords are known as "slumlords".

Before you sign that lease, contact Belle Terre Law Firm for an in depth lease review.

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